Artist Statement

"When a new creation emerges

I have little plan or idea of what will come into being as to why a lot of my work looks different from one another. I do not follow a particular style or formula when I paint. I paint from of place of how I feel at the particular moment. Paradoxically, the mental space from which my paintings emerge is one of emptiness, which is to say that I do not grasp, but rather allow. While focusing on not focusing I often nearly become detached entirely by letting the flow take its course.  My best work comes from being in a meditative state, where the rational mind is silent.  Of course, to fine-tune, I shift to the thinking mind to polish up aesthetic inconsistencies.     

  It brings me great joy to embark on a new project without a plan.  In those instances, I can abstractly paint in the spirit of where my life is emotionally at the time without consciously doing so. Painting is a release; I take my inner presence, whether positive or negative, and synergize the emotion into spontaneous artwork. My art has helped me to transform hardship and increase the amount of joy in my life."

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