"The mental space from which my paintings emerge is one of emptiness, which is to say that I do not grasp, but rather allow."



  Thomas primarily uses acrylic paint. He prefers to use thinner paints that have a good flow to them to create a fluid like aesthetic that a lot of his paintings portray. He also incorporates oil, ink and fabric dye into some of his work. Though Thomas primarily paints on canvas he also paints on various other surfaces such as wood glass and marble.



 Thomas Bell was born and currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Thomas had an interest in art and especially abstract art at at a very young age. He became particularly interested in painting at the age of 14 when he had an assignment in art class to create a piece influenced by a famous artist. He chose Piet Mondrian and painted a canvas with various shapes and colors. From then on, he spent much of his free time creating abstract art.   



Thomas is most inspired by what he is going through in his life at the particular moment. He transfers what is going on in his mind onto the canvas. He is also inspired by some of the great artists in history such as Jean Dubuffet, Karel Apple and Joan Miro.

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